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5 - 11 FEBRUARY 2017

Real forgiveness is something to each other without demanding anything in return.

Sophias Rose invites you to participate in Forgiveness week 2017.

We are not usually thinking that our whole existence is the result of an infinitely great being's "giving for" to us of his vital force and love. The best example of "giving for" without demanding anything in return is the sun. It is incessantly emitting its life giving rays and love to its universe, for the purpose that all beings within its sphere of influence can learn to shine, to develop love and to give to others.

The various kingdoms of nature have different ways of shining, of expressing love and giving. The mineral kingdom creates the most beautiful gemstones. The vegetable kingdom creates the most lovely plants of all colors and forms and fragrances. The animal kingdom creates animals capable of being tamed and learning from humans.

The human kingdom is probably the most problematic, because humans are conscious beings possessing a free will and having to consciously choose to "give for". Every time a human "chooses to give something" it has to give something of its own. It may be money or voluntary work or taking care of family etc. That is not so difficult, but the hardest is to "give for" someone, who in your eyes does not deserve it. That's when it's important to remember the sun, which "gives for" all of us whether dictators or free individuals, animals, plants or minerals.

Some dictators may own their eligibility when nations and functional societies must be build, but the problem is, so obvious now in various countries, that they will not let go of the reins to entrust it to the people they may even have helped to educate, so that they can think and decide for themselves.

Many democratic countries are not much better off right now. From being heading towards globalization we are now experiencing a setback of countries and nations closing in on themselves to cling to what they delude themselves to possess. Perhaps globalization has been moving too fast? But we must globalize, because we are one humanity and one planet. How can we, who are striving and trying to practice forgiveness address these tendencies of separatism.

Well, we can practice to forgive those in our own small lives and surroundings, with whom we are having a controversy, regardless of whoever started it, because you won't lose anything by bowing down to create a better relation to another or others.

Forgiveness is a great force. We cannot expect others to forgive us, but we can forgive them to set ourselves and the other free. By forgiving we will cleanse ourselves of the darkness created in us that may be lying latently and hidden from us but nonetheless affecting our thoughts, emotions and bodies.

We can give money to organizations working in the interest of the weak, participate in a week like this, in the international triangles-work or other forms and initiatives of global meditations and webinars intended to create a better world.

We may meditate on the following sentence:

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.

Each day of the year we may visualize the giving of a pink rose to another human being.


To err is human, to forgive divine.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness is a gift that can be given twice.

If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.

Love is an act of endless forgiveness.

To forgive is not only acceptance,
but a dynamic active action - a given to.

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love.
In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

The 12 steps of Forgiveness:

1) Recognize your fears
2) Realize that it is love you want
3) Pull your projection back
4) Take responsibility
5) Let go of self-condemnation, guilt and shame
6) Accept yourself and others as you are
7) Be willing to learn and to give
8) Be your own authority
9) Accept the lesson you must learn
10) See and understand that everything always is exactly as it should be
11) Look in the mirror, smile to yourself
12) Open your heartS
Based on the book by Paul Ferrini: The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness

By forgiving, we are forgiven. By setting free, we are free.
By holding on, we lose. By letting go, we win.
Forgiveness is the path of Christ.
Forgiveness is the nature of the soul.



05. Feb.  Forgive living members of your family

06. Feb.  Forgive friends and fellow-students

07. Feb.  Forgive associates in your work situation

08. Feb.  Forgive across local and international political lines

09. Feb.  Forgive across religious, ideological and racial lines

10. Feb.  Forgive deceased persons in any of the above categories

11. Feb.  Have you been able unconditionally to give yourself to others by absolving them and so "Forgiving" yourself?


a) a) Use your customary settling-in mode; then speak mentally:

"May I, together with all men everywhere, respond to the keynote of the universe and give myself for others".

b) Visualization:

1. Imaginatively choose a congenial place (room, garden. etc.) supportive in its atmosphere of harmony and peace, sheltered from any disturbance.

2. In the distance, recognize the appropriate person or group against whom you harbour resentment, slowly approaching you.

3. . As the distance between you both diminishes, imagine yourself advancing until, when close to each other, you perform a gesture of your choice which, to you, symbolizes forgiveness. Endeavour at this point, insofar as it is possible from the point of view of memory, to make eye contact with the person concerned.

4. Gently release your onetime adversary, now friend and co-aspirant.

c) A poignant moment of alert stillness.

d) Mentally recite:

"Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind;
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad,
May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation:
MAY FORGIVENESS ON THE PART OF ALL MEN BE THE KEYNOTE AT THIS TIME; So let it be, and help me to do my part.



(Steps 2 and 3 are to be repeated if the aim is to forgive more than one person on any one day.)


1. Maximum honesty is essential through the entire period.

2. Question whether you truly feel the urge to participate in this work of goodwill.

3. Are you prepared to face some none-too-flattering truths about yourself for the sake of this work?

4. You may have to dig deep to uncover your resentment(s). We are very good at covering up! Remember, it is personality which takes hurt and resents and hides, not the inner essence.

5. Decide the person(s) and/or groups in each of the first six categories for whom to give. If there is more than one, repeat the meditation procedure for as many times as required on that specific day or carry over to days on which the categories may not apply in your case. Also consider that careful unbiased self-scrutiny could reveal the advisability of practicing forgiveness where, unconsciously, resentment has been transferred to a third party. i.e. you may feel able to forgive a hurt inflicted upon you but not when the hurt has been inflicted upon another, or others.

6. Be methodical and work with discipline. List in advance the names of those to be 'given for' so as to leave all of your available time for the work itself.

7. . At what time should you practice the Forgiveness meditation? The choice is yours. If you have your own established daily meditation routine, it would be preferable, for this week, to find an additional time slot for this special work. It is suggested that you practice it each day, unfailingly.